Michelle May New York

Inspired By Courageous Women



This page is dedicated to inspirational pictures, quotes, art, nature, and anything else that brings joy and beauty in life. 


I would like to kick off the creation of Michelle May New York by highlighting the first lariat which is named after my beautiful and endearing friend. I once wrote her a note articulating that she seemed to leave rose petals behind her everywhere she went. She exemplified strength, courage, beauty, wisdom, intelligence, and grace. We were both fortunate to be surrounded by lakefront settings enjoying the outdoors and wonders of nature. I dedicate the following links to her essence and beautiful spirit. 

I was so fortunate to have met and connected with Roberto. I accidentally stumbled upon his gallery and as i stood on the street, I just wept. So overcome by the beauty I was beholding in front of me. I hope you will enjoy learning about him and his story.” Horses were a big part of my life growing up! I am forever grateful to have fallen in love with these most beautiful and inspiring creatures.



My truest inspirations are my children arden and will. they never cease to amaze me with their generosity, love, and support. you will always have the same from me. To my parents: thank you for your COMMITMENT to your family and for remaining such a constant in all of our lives.

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FullSizeRender (47).jpg

What a beautiful day to take a quick snapshot of some amazing women and longtime friends.

Stay tuned for a lively shot including those who could not make it.