Michelle May New York

Inspired By Courageous Women

Natural Beauty & Versatility

I came to New York in 1994 to work in fashion.  I was hired by Cindy Crawford as her first assistant and business manager at the height of her career.  Working for Cindy gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by the world’s most talented photographers, fashion designers, stylists, film directors and producers.  My job afforded me the opportunities to travel, and meet incredibly creative and talented people.  I'm grateful for the experience of having worked for Cindy Crawford and being inspired by her brilliance, her beauty, and her warmth. That time in my life has allowed me to create something beautiful of my own.


Having grown up in Orlando, Florida in a pristine environment of beautiful beaches and crystal clear lakes, I spent most of my life outdoors embracing the beautiful colors of nature surrounded by all kinds of wildlife to discover and enjoy.  Our home was far from traditional, designed by a protégé of Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright.  Each room of the house had a huge sliding glass door to allow easy access to the outside world. Living in that environment left a lasting impression on me and early in life I developed a deep, therapeutic connection with nature.  My close connection to nature and fashion prompted the creation of MICHELLE MAY NEW YORK.  My necklaces contain only natural, semi-precious stones from the earth along with rare findings and components. Some stones remind me of the periwinkles I would find on the beach early in the morning, or sandstones and moonstones that take me back to unforgettable sunsets with enormous harvest moons. The faceted peacock pearl is the exact color of the whale I paddle-boarded so close to at a dear friend’s home in Mexico. The blue-gray heron perched on our dock inspired the use of gray  labradorite and the chocolate brown otters that would sun on our dock inspired the use of the brown smoky topaz.

My catchall phrase is VERSATILITY IS KEY.   My designs can be mixed, paired and worn in such ways as belts and chokers. Each comes with two 15-inch pieces of hand dyed silk satin ribbon along with ideas to help a woman express her own sense of style and taste.  The line is hand strung and knotted by talented artisans resulting in a true quality and lasting product.  That is truly the beauty of MICHELLE MAY.   I have incorporated a variety of wristlet bracelets that can also be worn as necklaces. 

I am proud of my southern heritage and their influences, beginning with my elegant and wise mother, Elaine as well as all my strong lineage of multi talented family members. Each necklace has been named for women in my life who have demonstrated qualities of courage, perseverance and faith. I feel fortunate they came into my life and I thank and acknowledge each of them.  I am a mother of two children who exhibit genuine beauty and wisdom that lie deep within. To honor them and their patience with me I am dedicating this new venture to Arden and Will.  They are more precious than any possessions could ever bring.  Thank you to my parents for teaching me the values of love, faith, hope and family.

A percentage of your purchase will go toward helping young children, people, animals and the environment to heal.   I am a proud supporter of three organizations close to my heart—GlassyBaby and the White Light Fund , JBFC, a place of refuge for homeless girls on the streets of Africa… through founder and dear friend Christopher Gates who has committed his life to this calling.  Lastly, I support an important organization called The One Love Foundation, an organization in remembrance of Yeardly Love whose mission is to focus on ending relationship violence. There are some equally fine women in my community whose passion and commitment to this noble cause is not only inspiring but important.  


All designs have been copyrighted to protect the artists creations. 


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I've always been inspired by fashion. Diana Vreeland was truly birlliant and has encouraged me along the way.